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Make your business process compliant using blockchain

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Start building now a blockchain-based business process using the designer and the API.
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Our architectural choices are made up of the most used market standards from Business Process Management to the automated construction of our APIs.

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Do you bear high costs when your Business Process is not fully executed?
You need compliance by design

Health & Chemical

Every function across healthcare, pharmaceutical and chemical value chains is primed for a blockchain solution

  •   Track IP portfolios and patent applications
  •   Secure patient administration and record-keeping
  •   Streamline medical equipment supply chains
  •   Improve claims settlement in medical insurance
  •   Ensure data authenticity in clinical research

Food & Beverage

Secure, transparent and immutable, blockchain is a promising tool for modernising agri-food supply chains

  •   Eliminate bottlenecks to speed-up your supply chain
  •   Enhance and secure food recall process
  •   Promote sustainable food by certifying their origin
  •   Enhance your reputation for safety and quality
  •   Enforce safety and regulatory compliance

Financial Services

Front, middle and back-office financial operations will gain improved transparency and traceability using blockchain

  •   Track the entire trade finance transaction lifecycle
  •   Authenticate documentation and KYC/AML data
  •   Real-time enforcement of regulatory controls
  •   Streamline decision and sign-off workflows
  •   Build untamperable audit trails for transactions

Deploy your Business Process on the blockchain with just one click!

Existing blockchain solutions are hard to use, BlockFlow connect naturally and in the simplest way possible with existing supply chain solutions using global standards to automate your business processes

One-click deploy
Deploy you process on the blockchain in just one click
BPMN 2.0 Compatbility
The global standard for process modeling
Drag and Drop Modeling
There is nothing more natural than drag and drop
File Importation
You can import any existing BPMN 2.0 file

Compatible with several blockchains which makes it completely agnostic

Integrate blockchain quickly and easily in your existing environment

Working with partners, existing softwares or even IOT, is as easy as using our standard API with the advantage of seeing the inventory of the entire supply chain instead of just your own

API Generation
Your API is automatically generated during deployment
Send to your partners your tailored API documentation
Multiple blockchains
Compatible with multiple blockchain technologies
Single Sign-On
OAuth 2.0, the authorization industry-standard protocol

Integrates with over 2,000 apps, including the world's most innovative ERP, CRM, eCommerce & B2B solutions

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Make trust between you and your partners an absolute standard

BlockFlow allows frictionless and trustful collaboration on a shared process in a new peer-to-peer BPM system between the various stakeholders in the supply chain, anywhere, anytime and on any device

Role-Based Access
A system providing fine-grained access management
Mobile Support
Accessible from anywhere, anytime and on any device
Visual Workflow Tool
Vsually communicate with no prior training to interpret
Natively Scalable
Entirely and natively built on a cloud-based infrastructure
privacy and security

We pride ourselves on reliable technology

We take the responsibility of helping you make your business processes immutable seriously. That’s why security and privacy are key focus areas for our organization and product development through the use of our trusted libraries and infrastructure.

Business Process Immutability using Blockchain made easy

Track and trace easily any process through a clear, transparent and solid audit trail with real-time visibility using blockchain to satisfy consumers and manufacturers concerns about traceability

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